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Terry Trussell, Who or what is really on Trial in Dixie County Florida?

He's my hero.

He’s my hero.

The prosecutor and the Judge want us all to believe the Mr. Terry Trussell is on trial for violating the laws and illegally attacking a Federal and State or County official. But who or what is really on trial here? Is it Terry Trussell, for supposedly going after a State attorney? (Not with a gun or a knife mind you, but with the Common Law.)

Or is it the people and the Constitution of the United States of America that is really on trial.

The first three words in the Constitution are “We-The-People”. In the beginning of this Country the only laws that were available were either the Common Law based on the Magna Carta, (1520) or the laws that were set forth by the King of England. After the revolution America threw off the laws enacted by the King, and then up until 1949 America depended mainly on the Common Law. This Common Law method was what our Founding Fathers depended on to construct our Constitution. The whole system was based on laws that insured the greatest amount of freedom while still maintaining a system of equal justice for all.

And then sometime around 1949 the US Justice Department issued new rules for the legal system in America. That is when our form of justice made the transformation from a Common Law form of justice into the present day form of statutory laws. Instead of being based on Common Laws, (Common sense), our legal system is now based on Statutes and regulations passed by the politicians, legislators, Courts, and attorneys.

Due in part to the fact that the Common Law was often used to prosecute corrupt politicians and elected officials, these politicians, legislators, courts, and attorneys of course have written the laws to protect and defend themselves. These laws are NOT written to protect you (the People) against rouge or corrupt politicians and elected officials. We-The-People have been written OUT of the system of justice in America. We-The-People and the people’s rights to access to the Courts has been written out of the legal system.

When a State or Government official violates the laws who are the People supposed to complain too? We send our complaints to the very same people who are committing the violations.

If the courts and the justice system chose to ignore your complaints you then we have no recourse, no alternatives short of taking up arms, sometimes literally to defend our lives and our families..

We-The-People no longer have the right to fight back against big Government. You do NOT have the right to object. You do NOT have the right to file a complaint and then demand that the courts take action on those complaints. We-The-People are now being told to shut up and live with it.

If the Courts do not take appropriate legal action on your behalf, in years past we could depend on the Citizens of our own communities, and we could depend on our rights to use of the Common Laws. But now you when we turn to the Common Law and attempt to achieve justice through the People’s courts, we (you) end up in prison. Not because you violated some other kind of law, (you didn’t shoot anyone and never threatened any type of violence or bodily injury) Instead you attempted to correct a violation of the Courts and attempted to protect your community and the people against corruption.

So who is really on trial, Mr. Terry Trussell? Or We-The-People and the Constitution of the United States of America? We-The-People are now being told to shit down, shut up, and obey the law, (Their laws) or else.


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